The Real Mia & James

It’s Yvonne, actually!

I’m a mum and I know how it feels to be the chief present buyer in your house! With the responsibility of choosing and wrapping so many gifts throughout the year, the pressure is as real as the pleasure!

If you’re anything like me, you love to give something that avoids the cupboard. You know what I mean, the gift that actually gets used, something awesome and super useful! It makes the gift so much more thoughtful, right? Better still, I enjoy making it unique with a little personalisation!

That’s why I established Mia & James, as a convenient online store dedicated to offering memorable gifts.

I’d love to help you swap pointless knick-knacks for a handy stationery case. Ditch the soon- discarded plastic toys in favour of a comfy hoodie. Forget another generic gift set and get a useful drawstring bag! Personalise them all with an initial, name, slogan, or iron-on patch, and I bet they’ll be more used and loved!

Perhaps, like me, you also feel sustainability is important, so I’ve specifically hand-selected products which are eco-friendly. This makes gift-giving feel even better. Out with the plastic, and in with planet-friendly methods and materials! Even the recyclable non-branded packaging can take on a new use!

Following a career in banking, and then several years solely devoted to raising my two babies and a cockapoo, I found my way to self-employment. I’m no stranger to project management, but this is my first venture into a business of my own.

Giving is at the heart of the Mia & James ethos, because giving isn’t a duty, it’s an honour.

Oh, and by the way, just in case you’re wondering, Mia & James are my children’s middle names!